“I work hard, so my dogs can have a better life”

At Marsh Land Labs we believe training is key, and we understand that the best way to put this into action is to train continuously. Training, however is not just for the dogs. We want to be the best trainers and dog owners we can possibly be for our dogs. It is our goal to always search for, and tryout the newest and latest in dog training techniques. Apply what works, and learn from what doesn’t. Keeping this vision at the forefront, we will be continuing our training to broaden and better our dog training applications.


We are so excited to be a member/student of this organization. The training offered here will allow us to become better trainers, learn what we may not know, polish up on what we do, and tweak those problem areas. Some of the modules we will be focusing on in our own training are:

*Disciplines of Obedience
*Retrieving Skills for Puppies & Young Dogs
*Advanced Obedience
*Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Gun Dog Skills & Drills

So excited to be able to offer this link so that you too can train your dog alongside Cornerstone Gundog Academy! And if you use this link to join you instantly save $50. I use these modules frequently and they work! Use this link today! https://mbsy.co/cornerstonegundogacademy/69719573


Proud member of the NACSW

In the Very Near Future…

We have been training our own dogs for over 20 years, we have, by process of elimination determined what works best for us and our dogs. We believe there is no such thing as too much knowledge, so in an effort to glean all that we can regarding our canine best friends we will be enrolling in a Professional Dog Training course. These courses will include:

*Core Foundation for Becoming a Dog Behavior Expert
*Understanding Dog Behavior, Body Language & Vocalizations
*How Dogs Think & Learn
*Hands On Training: Basic & Advanced Obedience Skills
*Tools of the Trade – Equipment Makes a Difference
*Learn How to Lead Your Own Group
*Dog Behavior Problem Solving
*How to Lead Your Own Private Lessons
*Shelter Externship: Hands On Dog Training, Behavior Evals. & Helping Dogs in Need
*Pet First Aid and CPR Certification

I would rather have more knowledge and not need it, than need the knowledge I do not possess.


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Once all of our certifications are done, we would like to continue our education in the training of service dogs. Some of the areas we will be covering in our continued education for training service dogs will be:

*Service Dog Laws & Types of Service Dogs
*Selection of Service Dog Candidates
*Temperament & Behavior Evaluations of Service Dog Candidates
*Socialization & Basic Training of Service Dog Candidates
*Service Dog Task Training
*Public Access Training
*Working with People with Disabilities
*Service Dog Candidates Assessment

Marsh Land Labs would like to thank “Tater & Maddi” for inspiring us to come to the decision to extend our learning outside of our comfort zone!! You guys make a great team!!


We have been successfully training our own dogs from basic obedience to working the duck blind as hunters for over 20 years.

More recently I have set out to learn as much as possible to add to our training techniques. I am happy to announce the completion of my 1st, 2nd & 3rd “certified” courses!!

*Certificate in Canine Communication: This course teaches canine intelligence, the importance of socialization, how dogs communicate with one another, similarities and differences between dog breeds, canine calming signals, common canine behavior issues and how to fix them, how dogs communicate with people, the role of a dog owner, teaching basic dog commands, canine emotions and signs of suffering, and working with dogs.  Course Complete // Certificate Acquired!

The best way to communicate with our dogs is to grasp an understanding as to how they interpret our actions, words, & body language. These courses give us a more thorough understanding of this.


*Certificate in Pet Psychology: This course covers understanding what animal psychology is and why you need to know more about it, the historical background of pet psychology and how it can be used today, why you should learn about animal behaviors, animals’ different vision abilities, concept formation: what it is and how to use it, comparing the brains of humans to dogs and what sets them apart, differences between cats and dogs brains, understanding the emotions exhibited by pets and how to handle them, understanding condition: its history and what it actually is, identify spatial abilities in animals and learn how they navigate, pet communication, understanding human language training in working with pets, animal training and its history, typical dog behaviors and how they change as the pet gets older, identify puppy behaviors, how dogs learn and what reinforcement is and why it is so important in dog training, dog aggression fears and phobias, psychiatric dog behaviors and how to work with them, along with a few other animal modules.  Course Complete // Certificate Acquired!

The more knowledge you have, the better you can determine a solution. Use what works, learn from what doesn’t.


*Certificate in Canine Nutrition: As dog owners, trainers, and breeders we do not only want obedient dogs, but more importantly we want healthy dogs. There is a ton of information on the internet regarding canine health, what dog food is the best and worst, what our dogs need or do not need. In an effort to establish what is actual fact regarding dog health, and what is false, we need to turn to the science behind canine health. To accomplish this we have chosen to enroll in a course specializing in canine nutrition. This course covers an intro to canine nutrition, the immune & digestive systems of dogs, the effect of nutrition on canine physical health, canine diet & thyroid & blood pressure issues, essential nutrients for dogs, vitamins & dog health, varieties of dogs, feeding dogs based on like stages, canine behavior, legislation of canine nutrition. Course Complete // Certificate Acquired!

A healthy dog really is a happy dog!!


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