Training Your Puppy

“Training a dog is not an option, it’s an obligation. It is not something to start, once the dog misbehaves, it is how to prevent problems from starting. Train them to be the dog you want them to be”

There are so many options for dog training these days. Different techniques, theories, approaches, and disciplines. There is basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience. Whatever outcome you are looking to get in dog training, there is a trainer out there that can deliver, but finding the right one is the real obstacle. Before you make your decision, ask yourself one very important question. Do you want your dog to obey and respect you…or a trainer? This was the key question that the last dog trainer I ever hired asked me, that completely changed my outlook on dog training. Twenty five years ago I paid him $500.00 for six, one hour lessons. He trained me, not my dog. I never paid another dog trainer again. The answer is not paying someone to take your dog for a few weeks to transform them into the perfect dog. Not that they won’t do a great job, but unless you know how to get the same result, your dog will not obey or respect you. They may love you, but they need to listen to you. The best way to accomplish this is to do the training yourself. And once you know how to train a dog, you will never pay a trainer again.  We have visited, chatted with, or personally use the three recommendations we have listed below, as options for training your new puppy. The one thing they all have in common…YOU are the trainer. This is something we firmly believe in.  We support the training techniques of all 3 of these programs. We hope you will choose one that fits your household.

We are so excited to be able to offer a discount with Cornerstone Gundog Academy! We use them ourselves. Having the modules at my fingertips is so convenient, it means I can watch the videos over and over again, go back to a module that my dog is struggling on and the best part, I can move at my own pace. You do not need to spend an hour each time you train, in fact, it is not recommended to work for endless hours a day. Cornerstone Gundog Academy is all inclusive, the training is for basic obedience, once that is mastered it moves on to the next level, then ultimately to train your dog to be a gundog. If you sign up for Cornerstone Gundog Academy, use this link and save $50 instantly!  Click here for instant savings

We totally understand that not every dog is going to be a hunting dog, and that the extensive training that Cornerstone provides is really not necessary for dogs that are not going to become hunting partners. With that said, we are so happy to be partners with BAXTER & Bella. We have looked at several online options to be able to refer our new puppy families to. BAXTER & Bella was, in our opinion, by far, the best choice. Not only is there pricing extremely reasonable, but the way they run their program you can be in contact with the owners. They offer tons of resources, countless contact opportunities, and we love their approach to dog training. There are actual trainers out there training to only praise the positive behavior, and ignore the negative behavior, this is not a method we support. A dog needs to know there are boundaries, and teaching this this could possibly save their lives one day. Our partnership with BAXTER & Bella means savings for you!! If you sign on with them using our discount code MARSH you save $60 instantly. Click on this link to sing up today!

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And for those of you local we recommend you check Hanlon’s K9 out! Teaching you to build a relationship between you and your dog they have a program for any type of training you can imagine! They do it all, puppy bootcamp, obedience, personal protection, campus training, private training, competitions, search & rescue, specialized courses, and a trainer certification program

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