Health Guarantee

“Everything must go to the ‘lab’ for testing”

Marsh Land Labs LLC strives to produce healthy, happy puppies.  We have developed relationships with our general and reproductive veterinarians, NuVet labs, and Royal Canin just to name a few. We take top notch care of our dogs, and we take every precaution to ensure that all of our litters are healthy and well cared for, along with momma of course! Below is a copy of our 2 year health guarantee. This guarantee is for a replacement puppy, and not for returned monies or incurred veterinary expenses.  We are fully aware of how quickly, we as humans can bond with a new puppy, and would never expect you to return your puppy in the unfortunate event that, we would need to replace him/her.  With that said, if all requirements are followed and there is a need for the puppy to be replaced, MML will give you a new puppy of the same color and gender, once one becomes available.

-Health Guarantee-

You are receiving a purebred puppy with AKC registration (full or limited). Breeder guarantees that your puppy has received all age appropriate wormings. Their 1st set of shots administered by our veterinarian, which you will be given paperwork stating such. Your puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of buyers taking possession of the puppy. Breeder does not guarantee against any communicable diseases beyond the 72 hours of buyers receiving the puppy. Breeder guarantees the puppy for a period of 2 years from the date of birth, against any genetic defect that would be life threatening to the puppy. This diagnoses must take place within the first 24 months of the puppies life, for the claim to be valid. All documentation must be retained regarding the above, and copies sent to the breeder for our veterinarian to verify. All our puppies are started on NuVet vitamins prior to leaving for their new homes. Your puppy will be given a starter kit from NuVet, along with info to order your own supply, using Marsh Land Labs order code #871276  We require NuVet wafers be given to your puppy consistently throughout the entire 24 months for this guarantee to remain valid. Breeder guarantees your puppy against GENETIC hip dysplasia for 24 months from the date of birth. The breeder does not guarantee your dogs hips against any form of dysplasia which is attributed to non-genetic causes such as injuries or being overweight. If genetic dysplasia is suspected, x-rays must be taken by a licensed veterinarian and sent to OFA for an official reading with abnormal results, the breeder also has the right to have our own veterinarians review all documentation.  All shots, wormings and well visits must be kept up to date, NuVet wafers administered, and the dog must not have been bred or sired a litter for this guarantee to remain valid. Marsh Land Labs LLC does not guarantee the pets size, color, temperament, or the ability to reproduce. Breeder is not responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred, nor does breeder assume any responsibility for any shipping costs, either to or from the buyer. Buyer agrees to provide suitable shelter, adequate food, and safety for this puppy. Because Marsh Land Labs genetically tests all our dogs we can guarantee your puppy will never suffer from any of the diseases tested for. (complete list is included for sire & dam). If at any time the buyer decides to relinquish ownership of the dog, Marsh Land Labs must be notified and we will take the puppy back, or discuss arrangements. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in the shelter! 

By signing this health guarantee the buyer acknowledges and understands its contents.
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