Our Facility


“Home is where my Labs are”

Welcome to our facility! We are not some concrete puppy mill. We are a family, and our pack is our focus. All of our dogs & puppies live in our home with us. Weather permitting they have designated outdoor kennels to stretch their legs. We also utilize some local properties that we lease, or that are open to the public. With all of these land opportunities available to us, our dogs are living their best lives.

Inside our dogs are just as spoiled. With dog beds in every room and toy crates on every floor our pack does not get bored. Our dogs also have their very own monthly subscription box! We LOVE the Bullymake toys, they are definitely sturdy enough for even our toughest chewers. We spare no expense when it comes to the care of our pack, whether its supplements, treats, medical care, toys or luxury items like their splash pads and pools. Our dogs really are living their best lives.

Only the best for our dogs…


When we vacation we take dogs along on our adventure. Not all of them get to go all of the time, but all of them get to go some of the time.

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