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Companies we Use for Testing:

Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder Seal


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Our Veterinarians: 


**Tell Dr. Sheila Kandle Marsh Land Labs sent you!


Taking Care of our Dogs:




Dog Breeding — Start, Run and Grow a Kennel

Our dog food provider:

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Amazing Seat covers!!



What we give our dogs for optimal health:

nuvet dog and cat supplements


For our dogs oral hygiene needs:

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Where we buy our wormer and other products:



Our Microchip Providers:

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Spoiling our Dogs!

GunDog Outdoors        MADE IN THE USA!!   American Flag


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AKC Registered:

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Suggested Reads:

Good Owners, Great Dogs

Good Owner, Great Dogs by: Brian Kilcommons & Sarah Wilson

If you are a new dog owner, or if you’ve owned dogs all your life, this book is a great read. It is not only informative, but it gives you a glimpse of how your puppy interprets your every action! I highly recommend you get a copy today!!


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Proud member of Ducks Unlimited


Our Photographers:

Becca Joye Creative


Personal Recommendations…



Alpha Mechanical


Bringhurst Meats





I Timothy 4:4 For every creature of God is good…(KJV)





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