Puppy Curriculum

“There is nothing quite like looking into the eyes of a dog that loves you”

Puppy curriculum? Don’t laugh, its a thing! And its becoming more and more popular in the breeders circle. And smart puppy buyers are seeking out breeders that implement some type of desensitizing, socialization exposure into their puppy rearing. There have been numerous studies conducted in an attempt to determine if such instruction at this early and delicate stage of life, has any benefit to the dogs character, among other traits, as an adult dog. The research seems to be overwhelmingly positive!


Now, that it has been determined, that early desensitization and socialization exposure can, in fact, reinforce confidence, soundness, scent training and acceptance of strangers, as well as other positive characteristics, we need to develop this in our puppies. It is our job to establish a program that covers all the senses in the short period of time we have them.

In our program we strive to include a variety of stimuli that gives our dogs the stability and confidence they need to become sound, adult dogs. The work we do in our program prepares our dogs to become amazing candidates for a broad range of jobs. These jobs include, but are certainly not limited to, waterfowl dogs, emotional support dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, scent work dogs, and of course amazing family dogs.  Our puppy curriculum includes neonate scent introductions, early neurological stimulation, sight and sound stimulation, touch tolerance for therapy dogs, potty training module, early obedience work, beginner hunt training, socialization assessment, character evaluation, and daily puppy enrichment.

Each component we guide our puppies through, is meticulously timed in accordance with their maturity so as not to overwhelm them or create a fear they can’t recover from. We have developed an all inclusive curriculum that works for us. Our puppies are our proof, our puppies are hunters, therapy dogs, service dogs, family dogs, but first and foremost, our puppies are loved by us everyday before they go to their new lives.

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