Home Away From Home

“A house is not a HOME without a Labrador”

Marsh Land Labs would like to introduce a new member to our pack. Scarlett’s “Auburn Skye” is one of our very own Marsh Land Labs. She was born right here to our Scarlett Rose. She is a fox red, registered as a yellow lab with AKC. 

“Skye” will be living with Sammy, a close family friend, who is more like family, his daughter Isabella, as well as their Yorkie, Chewy. Skye will get lots of love and attention, and plenty of playtime. She will learn basic obedience and is also training to become a bird dog & hunting partner. Skye will visit us as frequently as possible, so she is as comfortable here as she is at her home, which is conveniently only a couple minutes away. 

Skye has completed all of her health testing and is now of breeding age, she will come to us for breeding, and then come back to us to whelp and care for her litter. We are so excited to have started the journey with our “Home Away From Home” program! 

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