”Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you more dogs, which is pretty much the same thing”

Chow Time!

Our dogs LOVE Royal Canin!


Always a good idea to keep this on hand to regulate your dog when needed! Pumpkin works for constipation or diarrhea!

Bone broth protects the gut lining, improves digestion and it is a great addition to your dogs existing diet! Perfect topping to their dog food.

All dogs can benefit from probiotics! Probiotics promote healthy and balanced gut bacteria. They support overall digestive speed and function. They promote utilization of proteins and minerals, And they support immune system response.

Salmon oil is an amazing way to improve your dogs diet. It’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, cognitive function, and healthy skin and coat. Just a pump with their meal is all they need. A must have for all dog owners!

Tasty Treats:

Tiny tidbits are the way to go when you are training, and need a high reward treat, that won’t make them gain excess weight.  Also listed here are a few of our dogs favorites.

Grooming & Oral Care:

Labs are generally low maintenance when it comes to the grooming department. You don’t want to bathe a lab very often, unless of course they just romped through the nearest mud puddle! Shampoo removes the natural oils from the coat and traps moisture under the coat. With that said, obviously baths will be needed occasionally. This shampoo is what we use for our dogs and we really like it. They smell good and we’ve had no problems with skin or coat reactions. Labs are pretty resilient dogs anyway!

Shedding blades are a MUST for lab owners! I would purchase a shedding blade before I would buy a dog brush! Labs shed, and this is the best tool for the job! If you’ve ever owned horses, you know the value of this tool!

For the Passenger DOG:

We personally own these seat covers from 4KNines and we love them! We hunt with our dogs, so they get in the truck covered in some pretty nasty mucky mud. These seat covers protect our entire back seat, and they clean up so easily. They are durable, good quality and so easy to install! We would absolutely purchase these again!!!

Cleaning Products we Use:

First Aid:

I have scoured the internet for an all inclusive 1st aid kit for my dogs in the duck blind, this one is by far thee best all inclusive kit and at an amazing price! We love ours. You don’t need to be a hunter to need this kit. If you’re in the market for a 1st aid kit for your dog, THIS IS THE ONE!

Vetoquinol Ear Cleaner is such and easy and inexpensive way to keep your dogs ears clean! We clean our labs ears with this monthly and have not had any infection, build up or any other ear related problems since we started using this as maintenance. I highly recommend this particular ear cleaner.

Always a good idea to have wound care on hand if you own a dog! Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Boredom Busters:

Jolly makes some of the toughest toys around! Lab tested and lab approved! They make horse toys so you know they will last!

Load these up with the kong stuffing product when you want your dog to be occupied! And they are lab tough!

Training & Working Dogs:

I absolutely love this treat bag! Its convenient, hands free,
durable material, drawstring closure and the price cant be beat!
I keep treats in a small Ziploc inside the bag just for added
freshness and to keep the inside of the bag clean.



Whelping Needs:

Office Use: 

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