Is it Duck Season Yet?

Sometimes I wonder what goes through my dogs head…He has a very expressive face, like when I do something stupid and I look at him like “did you see that?” and he just gives me a look like “you’re an idiot!” It makes me contemplate what he’s really thinking. How smart is he? When I really think he is being sarcastic with his facial expressions, I pick up his hunting vest…and move it to another hook! That may not seem like much to an ordinary person, BUT to him its tourture….yeah got you back didn’t I?!?! It’s kinda funny to watch, living with this dog you’d never think he can go faster than the speed of a tortoise! Laid back is an understatement! But break out the duck calls, or better yet call the ducks to fly over our house, a favorite my husband likes to do. Get out his vest, or dog blind and this dog goes nuts. He hops around and twists like a 2 year old pup that you just gave a juicy duck breast to. He really is, in my opinion the best duck dog ever! He has a great laid back, inside the house personality, but his speed and instinct really kick in as soon as he pulls up to the blind and puts on his “uniform” he is eager to please and happy to work! What more could we ask for!

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